Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

We aren’t here just to create a website for you – your website is your biggest marketing tool and it needs to captivate your audience and be powerful! We can help you achieve your digital marketing goals:


Organic SEO Services Sydney

SEO is the backbone of a successful digital marketing campaign. It is organic meaning it builds your site’s visibility without any paid (pay per click) ads on search engines getting your brand where it matters the most – the first page of Google search engine results page.

SEO is all about increasing your website’s presence, visibility, and hence rankings online. Our focus is on driving the right traffic to your website whilst increasing the opportunity for conversions. SEO has one of the highest ROI’s and the main reasons for this is that it does exactly that – leads to more of your ideal customers as they are in search mode and it drives targeted traffic and generates quality leads for your business and the beauty is it gives your business long-lasting results. Winning all round! We always start off conducting an SEO audit to determine the digital health of a website and to be able to devise an SEO plan as each business and website is unique. From identifying the right keywords, optimising your content to building the strongest backlinks we will not leave a stone unturned.

SEO De-mystified

There are more than 200 factors that come into the SEO equation including security, mobile responsiveness, speed, user experience and search intent to name a few; at Elite we truly break it down and de-mystify SEO by three main pillars: Discovery, Relevance and Authority.

On Page SEO Sydney

SEO campaigns need to factor in two distinct types of optimisation – on the website itself and outside the website. A targeted on-page SEO services campaign will directly impact website visibility and result in higher search engine rankings. We take a holistic approach to ensure all key elements below are taken care of at the source code. This approach intricate website levels. Meta tags, title tags, meta descriptions, meaning URL’s, crucial HTML tags, internal links, broken links, site load time, schema analysis, code to text ratio and last but not least quality, engaging and relevant content and your best keywords which is the first critical step of an effective SEO campaign. Our optimisation services will ensure that your website is equipped to allow your site to be crawled and accessed by search engines.

Off Page SEO Services

Off page is the key to getting the right traffic and maximising the number of people who are looking for your exact offering and are within your target audience segment. It is the series of strategic steps that will ensure that your site rankings increase for keywords that your prospective customers are most likely to use when searching online. This optimisation directly improves your brand visibility and also builds trust and authority for your website. We do this through different techniques and strategies including high quality targeted link building, long term backlink velocity, content syndication, superior anchor text content,  article and guest post submission, blog posting, video blogging, sharing of images and videos, social bookmarking, directory submission and business listings. At Elite, we are all about quality not quantity white hat execution ensuring that SEO will the only lead generation magnet you need to attract your ideal customer!

High Quality Backlinks Specialists

High quality links to and from your website indicate to Google trust and credibility of your site. Using ethical and only white hat targeted techniques we aid your website to rank better on search engines. We use a fine-tuned approach to ensure that websites that are relevant, authentic and applicable are used to link with your website pages delivering and resulting in higher rankings.